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: kelly, instead of putting out fires, a city of baltimore firefighter is accused of putting on parties with prostitutes. folks in the neighborhood say they just thought they were throwing after-hour parties because there were a lot of cars and a lot of women. >> there was a lot of fine women going up in there. you know, i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: city police say there was a lot more to it than just that. they say 29-year-old jamar marvin simmons, a city of baltimore firefighter, and his firefighter, franklin coit, ran a sophisticated online prostitution ring. although the police will not go into details about this operation, they say they seized evidence that shows this had been going on for quite a while. >> various ledgers and documents would suggest that an online prostitution operation was being conducted from the location. >> reporter: also neighbors say unfortunately this area has a reputation for prostitution, but they never thought there would be anything going on like this just up the street. >> i've been living here for three years and i have children and i
it in writing. we have to make a decision, not just for the casino operator of baltimore city. we have to make a decision for what's best for the citizens of baltimore city. >> reporter: the governor has pledged to provide written form of the bill by the end of the week. anne arundel and prince george's counties are also getting the sale. >> i think if there isn't a majority, you probably won't have a special session. >> reporter: at baltimore city city hall, jeff hager. >> the clock is running down for the governor to call a special session and for lawmakers to approve table games. now baltimore's delegation argues it could hurt, but do they have a case? kelly swoope is live with a look at the numbers. >> investigators looked into how the new maryland live! casino affected the casino in perryville. in 26 days the casino took in $28 1/2 million. it appears to be cutting into perryville's take. in june they generated less than $8 million. that's a 21% drop in revenue from the month before and almost 10% less than hollywood casino made in june of last year. keep in mind, maryland live! hasn't be
coming up. >>> top story this evening, baltimore city's fire chief will get a waive and contract extension. this has drawn sharp criticism from firefighters and union leaders. christian schaffer is in downtown baltimore where the reaction was less than receptive. >> reporter: chief james clack of the fire department makes $161,000 already, today the board of estimates extended the contract through the year 2018 with raises of $3000 each year at the end of the contract, for the making, $190,000 a year. this is drawn fire of course because of all the talk of the past several weeks and months over the closure of three fire companies in baltimore city, truck 15, east baltimore, truck 10 west baltimore, squad 11 southeast baltimore. the heads of both of the union that represent firefighters and fire office testified here against the raise saying the members haven't gotten raises and the chief shouldn't either. the firefighters rejected a raise that was proposed to them during the negotiations, their response to that was, sure you are you were going to give us a raise but going to incr
the roots. just got to make do. >> reporter: people making do from howard county to baltimore city where government officials work to get it right. baltimore, that means extending the hours of city pools, and adding cooling centers. trying to make the heat and no power somewhat palpable wheel city leaders hold bge accountable for restoring power at a quicker rate. >> right now our restoration rate has fallen behind the state average. that is not sat test factory -- satisfactory. >> reporter: baltimore city is saying this is the third worst storm in the city's history. >> it seems hot that they're in the getting the power back on. >> reporter: they're trying. they're below the average statewide but they're trying hard. >> thank you. listen, are you planning that family vacation? the latest vacation scam making the rounds and how to avoid being taken. mashed potatoes and gravy. mac 'n cheese... mashed potatoes and gravy! mac 'n cheese. [ male announcer ] now you don't have to pick a side. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and choose two more large sides free. today tastes so good. t a bike
cigarettes the average price is now more than $5 a pack. >>> new, baltimore city will receive seven and a half million dollars of a 175 million-dollar settlement with wells fargo over accusations it discriminated against minorities, in violation of fair labor laws in 36 states. baltimore filed the suit in 2008 because of the subprime lending practices targeted minority neighborhoods in the city. >> if you are african american or latino, you are more likely to be placed in a subprime loan or pay more for the mortgage loan though you are qualified and deserved better treatment. >> they have agreed to commit to lending more than 400 million in baltimore city for the next five-years with more than 100 million for low and moderate income residents. >>> new report showed foreclosures are up from 26% from the end of last year. california based report says that one in 300 homes in foreclosure in maryland. they report there is about a 8% drop from this time a year ago. >>> that pit bulldog rolling in maryland is on hold after the court ruled that pit bull owners would be liable if the dog
in baltimore city among heavy strike outny with residents and fire -- scrutiny of residents and firefighters, truck 10 has been given an extension until october when it will show down, but residents say safety really is their main concern. >> they saved my life. i passed out here near the woods and they came me, and brought an ambulance to me and came and saved my life. >> i would )a÷say bthe !k÷7gov would need to look somewhere else to cut the budget than to mess with the fire department. >>> tom blast within the fire department says the city's fire response time is still quicker than the national average. they claim these changes won't slow down the response time. >>> the people behind the st. patrick's day beating pleaded guilty today. aaron parsons the suspect who in the studio was sentenced to three years in prison, a judge sentenced two of the suspects davis and deangelo carter to time served and probation. and baldwin, the fourth person in the video had already been in trouble for another crime and faces three years in jail. >>> top officials at johns hop kins i don't want say the
and the malls they maybe located in. in the city, baltimore city police are staffing officers at all locations whether it is showing the movie or not. look for a presence at the science center downtown , the lands mark in harbor east , the challenges and rotunda in hamdon. >> it hits homes for individuals. other cities like knock have taken similar actions. we want the make shaw people have an enjoyable time and know the police are there. >> reporter: it is an increased preps police say will continue throughout this weekend. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >>> news of the shooting, it's everywhere, for children and adults it can be difficult to process. here are some ways to talk to you child. joce sterman picks up the team coverage tonight with the way to help them understand. it comes down to how old they ares you need to take a different approach depending on your child's age. experts say a child about fife or six, needs to be told that something happened but pains are in charge and taking care of them. you don't need to go in to a lot of detail. an older child will have a better understanding. y
. >>> here we are in baltimore city. temperature right now at 101 as we approach 6:15 on this july night. wyatt will be back with a look at the forecast. listen, if you're sitting down, do yourself a favor, stand up for this next story. abc2 news health reporter talks about why some doctors are taking a stand against sitting. >> reporter: lisa has always tried to live healthy but life often gets in the way. like so many of us as soon as she gets up, lisa finds herself sitting back down. >> i sit all day at the office, commute to and from work. with a 2-year-old i have less time to get formal workouts. >> reporter: lisa has found a more envelope at way to -- informal way to workout. in the corner of her office she has a treadmill desk. >> we're sitting more and more and more. the average person has gone from standing 90% to standing 35%. >> reporter: a doctor from ohio state said the simple act of sitting is leading to complications. >> it increases your risk of heart disease by 33. >>> inso you lynn works 40% less. that means more and more fat gets put into the body. >> reporter: those w
. he had several credit cards belonging to a woman in the same circle. >>> tonight baltimore city police are investigating the death of a 41-year-old woman found inside the apartment here in charles village. the woman's decomposed body was found at 123 west 29th street south of hopkins university. police are waiting on an autopsy report. >>> a pair of middle river men have died after a head-on crash. friends say the two attended student orientation at the university of charleston and were northbound on interstate 29 when the car crashed the -- crossed the grassy median. tavon frisbee and cameron shields excelled in sports. >> a great earnings great individual, really hard working person. t avon one of the most outgoing kids. really involved in student government, just an awful shame when you lose two kids who could be leaders. it's an awful situation. >> the men in the other cars will lost their lives, 44-year-old steven ranjo of philadelphia and his father who was 88. >>> all right. a few showers primarily in northeastern maryland. for most of the state, including the ballet area
up to 75 -- reimbursed up to 5% of the cost. if improved it would pers go to baltimore city and other counties could be added on. >> there are a few showers. let's take a look with wyatt everhart. >>> we had rain early and then the sun came out. just the reverse today. nothing more than aering of showers. the humidity is quite high, especially thanks to that morning shower action. the heat indexes, low 90s. it's sticky a classic summer afternoon. into the evening 84 by 7:00. and then tomorrow we'll be pushing well back into the 80s. we'll talk about how hot things will get into the first days of august coming up. >>> workers remain on the scene of a ruptured gas line. it happened around 10:30 this morning. people were told to get out of their homes. they're now allowed back. kelly swoope has more. everybody is safe and synd this whole thing started what he contractor was working in the 1100 block of hall street. the leak has been shut off. bge has secured the gas main and people were allowed to head back home but crews are still working on the main. apparently there's a day care cente
's underneath the city of baltimore. first, there's a big mess. there's big holes in the road, 20 person i pipe. that's the pipe that burst. there's trenches all over the place. it's a mess. an awful lot that has to be fixed. now that they know there's an awful lot that needs to be fixed, it will take a lot longer. more of the street has been ripped apart. trenches have been dug. the fences are higher. traffic is still slow as folks more of around light street and the delays are a pain. >> not as bad as i anticipated it. i don't know if it's better traffic or the traffic police, but usually pratt street is a nightmare and i've had to come pratt street after this and its ament been that bad. >> reporter: it's a good thing they're okay. the roads will be closed for another two to three wicks. >> we're looking around august 20th. that's hour goal to get things re-- our goal to get things reopened. >> reporter: the progress has been steady. about three quarters of the 20-inch line has been replaced along with the line that ran next to it. in addition to this the city will replace four other water l
into kayak city. we have a water main break in the heart of downtown baltimore. it's enough to make you sick. you see that slick spot? it's all brown, just oozing out, skirting into the harbor. we're talking right in front of the old better's restaurant. that's where all the water is gushing out. you're talking pratt, light street. traffic, as you can imagine, is as thick has this brown stuff. you're not budging. you stay at baltimore, ore leans to get out. we're hearing that firefighters are trying to get to the scene. they complaint because they're blocked. there's no way where to go. wednesday, this coming wednesday will mark the 11th anniversary of the howard street tunnel fire when our city was shut down for six days because of a water main break. listen, we're on this story on air and online at >>> the man who shot his former girlfriend in an ellicott city salon is still on the run. he is 35-year-old tuan minh pham wanted for firsthand second-degree attempted murder while the two victims are improving. business is getting back to normal. >> reporter: at the nail and hair
in downtown baltimore. it happened right in the heart of the city. light street near plume bampletd a 20-inch water main break -- broke sending water gushing. roosevelt leftwich has the latest. >> reporter: this is the first work of what's going to be three weeks of work as they try to reconstruct a good part of light street. take a look you can see they're widening out the hole. this will be some of the first asphalt that you see turned over as they get ready to replace 700 feel the of road and pipe and everything under baltimore street -- under light street from baltimore to lombard to fix the leak and do an awful lot of other stuff. it doesn't do it justice. it's like an e rption of water. -- eruption of water. what's under the street has been washed away. that means three weeks of work to make it right. >> a contractor will basically dig up this entire street and replace those 20-inch water mains and that 10-inch water main which is parallel to it from -- i think it's from baltimore all the way down to lombard. once we replace those mains, we'll come back and close up the street, repave i
in the works. the construction for the track around downtown baltimore will start on july 30th. the city is expected to announce lane closures two weeks out. the whole thing will be built in 32 days with crews working day and night. >> food, fun and great music, the african american festival kicks off in downtown baltimore, more than 500,000 people are expected to attend this big event. >> tons of food and crafts and culture. all of our african american museums that are here doing a phenomenal exhibit. we have showcases. we have some of our artists coming out to do book signings, autograph signings and for our headliners, this year, we are rolling out the red carpet. >> with major heat this weekend, organizers are making sure you stay hydrated with cooling stations and water on hand. festival is from noon until 10:00 and sunday noon until 9:00. >>> charities taking a big hit. some are able to do things that are unbelievable still. an investigation in to how maryland nonprofits are able to raise millions without spending a penny. it's aer inly impossible task but it's -- it's a nearly imp
which locations they hit but they say baltimore is one of 109 cities raided as part a huge operation. they busted businesses selling drugs like k2, spice and bath salts w he have been warning you about these for months and they can have devastating effects on the young and buy them without much effort picking up the packets at smoke shops and gas stations, even convenience shops. >> sold in real looking packaging, these substances are marketed directly to teens and to young adults with benign and catchy titles. >> the dea said that as many as 5 million packets of sin 94 i can drugs were take especially off the street as part of that round. >>> our septemberors have been tracking the use and dangers and all the local lives they have affected. you can find all that on abc under the other feature stories right there on the home page. >>> on the heels of a series of reports our station in phoenix, ford just announced a recall for 48 5,000, 2001 to 2004 ford escapes and mavericks with three liter d6 engines. it stems the speed control carve issue that's been at the center of o
. maryland's most powerful radar, a clear slate overhead. carol, baltimore, notice a couple of the showers manchester, crossing over 83. spotty showers in the forecast, north and west of the city limits tonight and towards deep creek, garrett county, washington county, see the scattered showers through the rest of this evening. temperatures right now we sit at 86 in the city. 87 in dc. we are seeing the showers in frederick, 82 degrees. easton 86 degrees. dover 85. dew point numbers are coming up, that's an indication we have the muggywa air on the move and addressing the idea of a humid weekend. bwi, a brief window where we saw 89 degrees in the book. that's one above the normal of 88 degrees. 99 back in 66. 83 around 8:00. clouds for the overnight. 77 around 11:00. wake up to a passing sour, perhaps a rumble or two of thunder. that's the signal to more of the showers and storms coming in as we head in to the 2:00 hour. the humidity coming up. stationary front the south. mess of clouds on top of us right now. we are clear, the spotty showers towards the north and west of town. beyond that
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16